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GreenBirth wants ...


    FamilieSebastianSchupfner... to inform about prenatal life of babies, so far it is proven scientifically by now.

    ... to point out the benefits of a physiological, natural birth in opposition to a technical and medicamental supervised birth.

    ... to point out the other side of perinatal diagnostics: encourage the parents-to-be to reconsider tests that are demonstrably afflicted with risks, that can generate worries to both parents and their unborn child. By now we know doubtlessly that unborn children react to their parent’s stress in connection with invasive examinations and waiting for the results - and the reminders of that can have a lasting effect.

    ... sensibilise to an increased awareness of pregnancy and birth being natural proceedings, in which we are only allowed to interfere in case of emergency.

    .. encourage women to look for midwives in early pregnancy, for pregnancy means "good hope" and isn't an illness!

    ... bring medical obstetricians to limit themselves to ill pregnant women and watch basical psychical factors.

    ... advise parents to consider homebirth, birthing centres and birth in midwifery delivery rooms, and assure themselves of their quality.

    ... pick up scientific studies to inform experts and interested people about essential results of prenatal life and consequences of cesarean sections.

    ... pick up press statements of local critical thinking persons in charge and give them to our readers.

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