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Labour what does it feel like?

We are often told stories of how horribly painful, messy and generally awful labour and birth are - but are these necessarily true for all women?

Perhaps we can look at these processes in another way - labour and birth are hard work, much as training for a race, climbing a mountain or getting an education can be hard work. We know and expect that these processes will need our full attention and effort, and that the feeling of accomplishment at the end is unbelievable. We may have helpers along the way, but we know that the processes are ours to complete (that makes the end even sweeter and more meaningful).
Labour and birth are similar - they are intense life experiences that, to an extent, we shape with our own thoughts and preparation. If we are prepared for an intense process and are sure that we have the help we need to succeed, they can be gratifying and even pleasurable. If we are expecting a horrible process that we have to endure at all costs and don’t have the support we need, the process is much more difficult.

An intense feeling
Labour and birth waves give you the message of relaxing, surrendering, going with the flow and realising that the processes is part of you, but is bigger than you. Working with your baby, changing
positions and finding what works best for you at that particular moment can make an enormous difference. The exact way a birth wave feels as it begins and climaxes is different depending on where your baby is in your pelvis, but generally it begins towards your back (a feeling similar to the first day of your period) and moves forward towards your belly button.
A labour contraction is like a wave - it comes slowly, reaches a climax and then retreats slowly.
You can picture it as a wave starting at the fundus and moving towards the cervix. For this reason we use the term labour waves.

If you’re not sure if you’re feeling labour waves, if you are heading out (or arriving) at the hospital or birth centre, calling your midwife or doula, whatever you do - don’t post about it in chat groups or on social media. You’ll be inundated with calls and messages that will only distract you and give you stress you don’t need. Remember, your hormones need privacy.